Sunday, March 13, 2016

MongoDB (Document Oriented Database)

MongoDB is document oriented database. It is open source scalable, high performance, document oriented database by 10gen.

MongoDB, a NoSQL database that stores data in JSON-like documents with flexible schemas.

Why we need No-SQL

Initial IT time, we used to have flat file system, each company was developing their own way of reading and writing information to flat file system that caused lots of efforts gone in programming and developing applications to work with flat file system.

Issues was "How to read and write data to file of different type". there was no standard way of storing the data.

After Edgar F. Codds gives a theory, on basis this standard way of programming comes in picture. Companies developed SQL. SQL is standard way of querying and writing database. SQL used in RDBMS system. Relational database management system quite efficient to deal with data.

Everything was correct fine and excellent. But as data size increases (big data). Relational database are not capable to handle the problems created by big data and that generate the non-sql databases. With bigdata the non-sql databases comes in picture.

If sql developer compare the various identifiers for rdms and no-sql, It is very easy to understand the mongo db from point of view of a developer.

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