Friday, July 31, 2015

SQL Complete Intelligence and Make database development fast and easy.

SQL Complete Intelligence

Now, A SQL Server developer no need to worry about the tables name or database names to remember for generating the SQL queries. Now Developer just wants to type a char and the keywords will comes up and choose appropriate keyword and can perform the tasks on SQL.

SQL Complete is free tool for developer to make life easy. No need to remember the database objects. Just type a character the all database object will comes up as pop up and choose appropriate. 
Suppose developer wants to write a insert statement for table, developer just write insert and  a space after that just table name. Apex SQL Complete the insert statement by itself.

I just used and found very useful for a developer. I don't recommend this tool for fresher because please don't use auto complete tool that will restrict your growth in terms of keywords and syntax.

How it's helpful:
  • Better than SQL Server own intelligence
  • Developer no need to write all statements.
  • Developer no need to write complete insert,update etc. statement.
  • No need to remember database objects name.
  • Create snippet for daily used query. write snippet name the query will comes up auto.
  • Can see easily the encrypted user database object as encrypted stored procedure 
  • Just write select and choose table from intelligence popup , the complete select come up
  • Select more then two table after writing select, the inner join statement automatically create. 
  • Tool is free for developer. :) 

Installation Process:

Download from AplexSQL website and run setup

accept agreement as all time we all developer accept for various application.

Specify the drive path in which you want to install sql complete.

choose your installed SSMS and VS and click Next

installation will complete on close.

Using In SQL Server Development:

After installation process just Open SSMS(SQL Server Management Studio). Found the new menu  named ApexSQL in menu bar of SSMS.

All submenu list the ApexSQL have.

 Open the query window. I just type use. A popup come up with the possible snippet and keywords.

 put a space, it automatically detect the statement and list the database names.

 Writing insert, update, stored procedure, function and trigger etc are very easy with it.
Just typed insert into and it comes up with the table name & on selecting the table name the query for insert write down automatically.

Code Structure: It show the structure of code written in query window
Write sql instruction in query window and Click code structure (Menu >>ApexSQL >>Code Structure)

Adding own code Snippet and Using:

The developer can add daily used sql code instruction as snippet code & on writting the snippet name the sql instructions will written down in sql query window.

Adding code snippet: Open the sql server query window. Right click & click for add snippet.A popup to add snippet will appear, just add snippet name ,description and the sql code and Click Ok.

Snippet "Good Morning" added on click Ok, 

Using Snippet:
Open the query window just type snippet name say good. the snippet description will comes up. Press enter. the code will be in snippet will be in your query window.

The tool is very useful for developer to speed up the daily things and increase the performance in terms of the time to require to complete a task. Developer can add numbers of snippet to it by using right click add snippet.

work smartly.

Sunit Kanyan