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Window Authentication login user in SQL Server

Window Authentication Login User in SQL Server

#SQL Server Security

Creating window authentication login user to access sql server database. Window authentication is termed secure as compared to sql authentication.

To add a window-authentication login to SQL server:-

  1.    Create a domain , local or group user .
  2.    Add it to sql server instance.
  3.    Add user on each database on which access require.
  4.    Add map user / assign access 


Open Computer Management (type [compmgmt.msc] in Run (window + R))
  >> System tools > Local Users and Groups 

Create new user (Right click on Users & click new user)

Created user

Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS):  Window+R & Type [SSMS]

Create New User

Search for window user

Change location if you wants to fetch user from domain[Active Directory(AD)].

Click on advance and Find Now

Click Ok button

Follow User Mapping to provide mapping to database for  accessing with (SunitKanyan) window user.

new user created with read only access on Database [AuditDB]

Switch user to SunitKanyan & login SQL server


Tried another database which does not have permission (ssms show database inaccessible).

Active directory user also used to create window authentication sql login user.


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