Saturday, December 7, 2013

Take a good stand in his/her work

As a software developer ,i  observed how can anyone control in work, better way to enhance his/her  career; in my opinion, a programmers can  succeed at their current workplace. as follow

>>Observer the Problem
   First Observer all aspect of problem which provide to you solve. then start work , until not clear plz don't start.

>>  Don't Hesitate to Ask Questions
I noticed that some programmers hesitate to ask for help from the very first days in the company, e.g. when they encounter problems with the project environment set up or when they work on a task but don’t fully understand the business flow behind it. It’s not a big deal – just ask for assistance or clarification. Otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time struggling with a typical project-related problem or guessing what should be the correct application behavior in this or that particular case.

>> Get Familiar with the actual picture of the Application
Nowadays almost all of the enterprise applications are fairly complex and consist of many modules that might be using completely different technologies.

 when you know the actual scope picture, you understand the kind and complexity of tasks that are being performed in each of the modules. Thus, there’s a chance that some tasks and technologies, used in one of the modules, will become particularly interesting for you. Remember that it’s much easier to switch to a new technology within the company where you’re already considered a senior developer, than to start searching for a new job.

>> Do What You Need to Do, Not What You Like to Do
Some very talented programmers suffer from a serious issue – they have a specific field of interests and whenever they’re asked to do something different, they show poor performance and quality, because they can’t concentrate on the stuff they don’t like to do.

If you’re one of such programmers and have to permanently deal with the technologies that you can’t stand – you probably need to change the job. Otherwise, if you just temporarily need to help other developers in the areas you don’t really like – you have to show the professionalism and do a good job anyway. Just remind your managers about your preferences, so that they don’t ask you to work on that stuff too often.

The same is applicable to the tasks with different priorities. It might sound obvious, but remember: you have to pick up the one with the higher priority, even though the one with the lower priority looks way more interesting to you. Be a professional!

>> Share Your Knowledge 
Have you ever encountered colleagues who are way more productive when working alone? This might be an indicator of poor communication skills. Sometimes it gets even worse – believe it or not, some developers don’t really want to share their knowledge. Kind of a selfish attitude, eh? Such people wish either to be irreplaceable or to make sure their colleagues face all the issues they had to face to make their life as hard as their own. No wonder that such behavior gets noticed fairly quickly by fellow developers and managers and doesn’t give any credit to such “lone wolfs”.

>>Help Your Colleagues
 when you’re working in  office, remember: if one of your colleagues doesn’t do his job well, the whole office suffers in terms of reputation. So, if you can help your colleague – just do it, it’s a win-win solution.

>> +ve Mind 
 +ve thinking can take to at big height. always try recursively , if you are enable to resolve a problem ,good internet surfing and implementation skill  is the solution , it only work if you have confidence in yourself & a positive mind  .

i think these things will help anyone in any type of working environment..

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